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The Nursing Education Department at IMET2000-Pal provides continuous professional development to enhance nursing competency and to meet the health care needs of the Palestinian people. 

Our Mission is to provide postgraduate Continuing Nursing Education Programs that focus on boosting nursing knowledge while maintaining professional nursing practice. Nursing Education Department provides high quality continuing education courses and evidence based courses that are structured to assure theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to promote the quality of patients’ care in Palestine. Towards that goal, we will encourage personal development and prepare nurses for further e- nursing education. To achieve those missions, we are seeking cooperation and collaboration with nursing Faculties of the local Universities, the Ministry of Health, the Nursing & Midwives Association and other non government health organizations.

Our Goal is to enhance continuing nursing education in Palestine.   


Nursing team at IMET2000-Pal plan to:

  1. Collaborate with the local nursing institutions both governmental and NGOs.
  2. Start a network of communication and establish contacts between the department of nursing education at IMET2000-Pal and other nursing education departments in Palestine.
  3. Contribute to the development of e-nursing education system in Palestine.
  4. Provide evidence-based contents of different nursing care topics through e-learning strategies, career development and continuous education using evidence based information.