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The improvement of knowledge and clinical skills of physicians is the main goal of postgraduate continuing medical education (CME). Experience as well as basic medical knowledge and clinical skills are not enough to present better health services for patients. It has become a public and professional demand to develop postgraduate continuing medical education in Palestine, especially in the fields of general practice.
Since the establishment of IMET2000-Pal, the Medical Department has been operating in many areas to achieve the following objectives:
   1. To Introduce IMET2000-Pal to the local doctor’s community as a center for medical sciences education in Palestine.
   2. To provide a matrix of CME and encourage a culture of lifelong learning for doctors.
   3. To provide doctors with E-learning skills as a new modality to seek medical knowledge.
   4. To establish a telemedicine network throughout Palestine, and subsequently connected to the rest of the globe.
   5.To provide learning, educational and continuing training resources which overcome factional interests and physical or geographical barriers to access
   6.To create and pioneer new learning tools for postgraduate doctors and for continuing education in a cost effective and readily accessible way
   7.To provide opportunities and funding for short periods of specialized training and learning in each medical specialty in appropriate specialist centers of excellence
   8.To initiate research programs relevant to health care and diseases issues in Palestine; currently unfunded because of economic deprivation
   9.To return much of the medical education to a community based.
 10.To support study tours in the Palestinian territories by international healthcare experts.
 11.To organize symposia and workshops in Palestine delivered by local and international medical experts.