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IMET2000-Pal Research Grants for Junior Researchers (RGJR)

RGJR empowers early career researchers and healthcare professionals in their research journey, either as stand-alone projects or distinct elements within a larger project.  The grant anticipates that most applicants will be at the start of their research journey. However, any Palestinian medical  researcher is still eligible to apply. IMET2000-Pal research club members have an advantage and are encouraged to apply.  

Thematic Scope:

Applications can be in any area of medicine and health. Preferably within one of IMET2000-Pal schemes; e.g Physiatry, Plastic surgery, Oncology, Medical education, Research education, Healthcare system development. 

RGJR value and timeline:

The maximum RGJR award is 1000 US Dollars including any relevant tax on purchases. One or more awardees may be funded or part-funded. Please note that the IMET2000-Pal RGJR award cannot be used for retrospective projects. 

 ineligible costs 

  • Salaries for awardee 
  • Registration fees, travel and accommodation for conference or event attendance. 
  • Tuition fees for PhD or MSc

The process goes into three steps: 

Step 1: Application Development & Submission

Step 2: Application Receipt & Peer Review

Step 3: Award Negotiation & Issuance

Applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Not received research funding of $1000 or more in their own name before 
  • Have a clear research plan for which they are seeking support 
  • Have access to adequate supervision, and for their supervisor to remain for the duration of the project
  • Hold a registered bank account which accepts US Dollars. Please note that a condition of an award is that grant funds are paid into the awardee’s personal bank account and not an institutional account. If this presents an issue, please let us know 
  • Not be seeking funds for a project already started or completed


Full details of RGJR and how to write your grant proposal can be found (here)


If you have any technical problems or a question about the scope and content of your proposal, please email us at imetresearchclub@gmail.com